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The time has come to change that space you love the most: your home. We know you will be looking for: professional, reliable, on time, safe and clean workmanship—that is the reason We help you with the planning by providing a free consultation and quote.

With 12 years of experience we know that clear communication and mutual understanding will avoid false expectations and will help you learn about the realities of a renovation: timelines, process flows and costs.

We do custom cabinets, kitchens, bathrooms,closets, basements remodeling, paneling and casing, handyman services, just to name a few.  We are specialized in residential renovation and new construction detailed finishing whether it’s a deluxe crown molding, a spacious custom closet or an exclusive reeling.

We are committed to high-end finished work, so whether your renovation means a big or small project be sure you will get quality work. Nothing less.


“TO DO” list is just one call away (203) 257-1072 or email us at:

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Serving NY, Wetchester and CT